Grant Faulconer – Sage Elementary School, Redmond

Here are a few of the apps I am using in class…more to follow  😎

Apps 1



Grant using Reflector to show ClassDojo points to class










Mr Faulconer - kids problem solving on ipad as group activityStudents solving math problem which is displayed on screen using Reflector

One thought on “Grant Faulconer – Sage Elementary School, Redmond

  1. 3 Month Review – At this point the iPad has been a nice tool in the classroom and it has been most beneficial for classroom management. I use ClassDojo and Stick Pick on a daily basis for tracking behavior and calling on students in my core class, math class, or one of two social studies classes. Another great app has been Google Earth, social studies questions about the location of events or the topics we are learning about are quickly answered and come to life on this app. It is easily accessible as I carry it around the room with me. The TeacherVUE app also makes it nice for taking attendance on my way to specials with my class and inputting missing or late work for students on an individual basis rather than logging on to the website.

    Two other apps that I really enjoy are ShowMe and Educreations. These apps are most useful while teaching math, and I use them in conjunction with Reflector or Splashtop Whiteboard. I would use these apps more consistently if I had a smaller class, the slightest technical difficulty or tutorial type issue can derail an entire lesson when there is only one iPad in the classroom with 28-30 students. My other struggle has been network issues that take down the communication between my iPad and my laptop. This again can be frustrating in the middle of a lesson with a larger class.

    I am learning a lot an incorporating the iPad more everyday, just not as fast as I had hoped.

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