Kelly Hicks – Sage Elementary School, Redmond


3 month reflection

I have enjoyed using the Ipad in my classroom, but the process has not been as smooth as I would have liked.  There often seems to be a lag time between what I am doing on the device and what is displayed on my projector.  This issue can be frustrating and can cause an effective lesson to slam to a halt fairly quickly.

My greatest successes have actually been when I am instructing in small groups and students have questions that we need access to the digital world in order to seek answers.  We have been able to use the ipad successfully to answer questions, seek more information, and develop predictions.  The access to wireless technology has been very effective in these situations.

I think that the best advice I could give on using the ipad is to have a partner to share the successes and glitches.  The ideas that come from conversations with other teachers have been invaluable.

I am looking forward to using the ipad in my classroom.  I am hoping to find ways to use the ipad so that it blends seamlessly into my teaching and the learning that goes on in the classroom.  I do not want the ipad to be one more thing that I “need” to do.  I look forward to sharing ideas so that the technology can be utilized to enhance learning opportunities and demonstrate students’ understanding of various concepts.


Kelly using Splashtop Whiteboard to demonstrate math problems




Student solving math problem to class using Splashtop


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