Sarah Woods – Lynch Community School, Redmond


Sarrah using her Smartboard to teach math concepts.

The iPad and Educreations come next!



I have been using the iPad with small groups and an intervention students who struggles to read.

By downloading free books published by grasshopper and broomstick, I have been able to support my struggling readers. The highlight feature of words students are on has really helped my students focus and track the words being read.

Students have been using the iPad in small groups to create and share newscasts. Students use the back office to get rid of background noise once they have came up with a solution or finished product they wish to share. Students have been much more engaged in their problem solving strategies because they know they will be on video sharing with fellow students.

My short term overall goals are to project more apps from the iPad for whole group learning and integrate the polling response into smart notebook and become proficient in using it.

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