Alan Wheeler – Lynch Community School, Redmond

Mr Wheeler - vocabulary on iPad with SplashtopThe iPad has been very useful for projecting images and reading passages from a web site domain named I have been importing documents from the website into Google Docs, which has provided opportunities to practice close reading and rereading.

I have also been capturing student work in science lab to have students explain results using pictures of their experiments during the scientific process.

I have placed student work up for review by capturing an image of their notebook paper with the iPad and inserting the picture into a Smart Notebook file, which allows them to write on top of their image from their desk.

The iPad has been instrumental in allowing me to organize, gather, and print resources and import them quickly into google docs by adding the Google App you touch the screen of any PDF or Word document and it will allow you to save, print, bookmark, or mark as favorite by touching the document.

Last month, Steve was able to provide an opportunity for our team to meet with a Smart Products Representative. He explained how to download a polling app and have students log in using their Chrome Books and poll the students input without putting students on the spot. Polling student responses using technology and embedding media is one area we look forward to utilizing more in classroom projects and lessons.

Using Spashtop to control computer

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