Diane Randgaard – Elton Gregory Middle School, Redmond

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  1. December 16, 2013 workshop reflection:

    My use of the iPad in whole class instruction has been hindered by inconsistent wireless coverage in the wing of our school. Because the link between the ipad and computer is tenuous at times, I am reluctant to use the iPad for longer presentations in which the flow of the lesson is important.

    I have successfully used Splashtop Whiteboard to complete warm ups while moving around the room. Warm ups are a short activity, and inconsistent wireless connection is less likely to impact this brief activity. I would very much like to use Whiteboard to present math lesson slideshows in an interactive fashion as I move throughout the room. Connectivity is more of an issue for this activity. Also, I am looking for a stylus with a thin tip so that I can work through several steps of a math problem on one screen. The stylus tip I have now seems a bit wide for writing with desired precision on the iPad.

    My advice to teachers using one ipad in a classroom is to visit another classroom in which the iPad is being used successfully in instruction. This will provide you with inspiration and information from this “mentor teacher.” Also, make sure you have a reliable wireless connection in your area of the building, and if there is not one, then ask the technology department to remedy this.

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