Leah McMullen – Sage Elementary School, Redmond

We are having so much fun discovering all the apps out there. I have even had my students write some down that they use at home and we are talking about 2nd graders. They are so excited about it. From practicing their math facts to spelling CVC words, the students are engaged. I am now looking for whole group apps that I could use with everyone instead of one or two… The best part about all of this is having a partner to team up with and share. We are constantly in each other’s rooms sharing what we just found. Two or more heads are always better than one, that’s for sure.


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    • Reading Magic and Spelling Magic are free downloads and come in 1,2, and 3 levels, CVC words are level 1, Long Vowels are level 2, and multi-syllabic is level 3.

  1. Using the ipad has been great! Student are engaged and it is easier to differentiate my instruction. I used reading and spelling magic for my lower kiddos and bluster for my higher groups. Bluster allows students to verse each other in a game of rhyming words, prefixes, or antonmys. Also, using show me is great for having students demonstrate math problems. It is pretty exciting to share apps with my second grade students and parents. We have a list going around for the families and students that have ipads and what apps work great.

  2. My short term goal is to use the ipad for writing. I have found a few apps but haven’t had the chance to use them yet. Has anyone used it for wriitng yet and if so how would it work on a 2nd grade level?

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