Erin Matlock – Sage Elementary School, Redmond

10-11-13   We have had the iPad in our classroom for 3 days and it is already changing our classroom dynamics.  The kids are engaged during math time to see their work go from blocks on their desk, to the iPad, and finally to the big screen (using Reflector) for all to see.  Gone are the days of having kids drag their base 10 blocks up to the front of the room, just to have them rebuild their number all over again.  Love it!  Next milestone-putting the iPad safely into the hands of 7 year olds and teaching them how to handle and use it correctly. 😉


I tried out a VERY basic Educreation video using the Four Square writing process.  I focused on the class being able to see each others’ work and model how to use talking about a picture to turn those words into the actual story.  It eliminates things like “It is cool.  I like it.”


I have been using the iPad during intervention times for reading and math.  I team up pairs of kids at the same reading or math level, and while I’m working with small groups, they are on the iPad working on a skill that they need.  I am currently using apps for sight words, spelling, and math facts.  See the app page for my reviews!



3 Month Reflection

It has been amazing, having this chance to use an iPad to engage students.  While I wish I had one for each student, I have had many opportunities to make the most of this one that I do have.  Our goal was to differentiate learning for students, and to actively engage them in quality learning.  I use the bulk of my iPad time during small group stations and instruction.  For reading groups I will type in the topic skill in the app store and download a video or game that matches our whole class instruction.  During math groups I will put students on the iPad who need added practice or enrichment based on the current skill.  My next short term goal is to use Educreations to have kids teach others multiple ways to solve a problem using CCSS mathematical practices.


We have just completed a graphing unit, and I had some kiddos make a wonderful ‘movie’ showing how to take a survey and turn it into a bar graph.  I made an Educreations video as a tutorial on how to make a movie, and then had kids make one themselves.  Check this one out!

Mrs Matlock - solving money-math problem with class Solving a math problem with the class. iPad showing on screen by using Reflector
Mrs Matlock - students solving money-math problem with iPad displayed using Reflector Students solving problem that displays for whole class to see 

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  1. Looks like a solid instructional goal implemented using your available technology – I suspect all the kids were engaged and wanting their work to be next! Thank you for the glimpse into your class…

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