Apps Review

Listed below are apps that we have reviewed or used. Some have worked well – others less so.  A few rubrics for evaluating apps can be found here:

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App Grade(s) Subject Comments Cost Recommend?
 Educreations  All  All  This app is one of the best for screencasting, i.e. a recordable whiteboard. Annotate, narrate, and create a lesson which can be shared via email or the web  Free  Yes
 3-12  All  With a larger tool set, this $2.99 screencasting app is the screencasting product of choice. Insert video/pictures as well as add audio overlay. Import documents and share your creation as an MP4 movie, a PDF or other file.  $2.99  Yes
 Reflector  All  All  Although this is not an app, but rather a program that runs on your computer, this is an essential program for displaying you iPad screen to the class  $12.99  Yes
 Class Dojo  K-8?  All  This app helps you manage classroom behavior by rewarding students for positive actions and activities. Kids love to see their avatar and points on the screen and are inspired to earn more.  Free  Yes
 AudioBoo  K-12  For creating recordings of student ideas, explanations, or fluency readings, this app is very easy to use. Create an account at on your computer, create a ‘board’ for your class or project, and have kids use your ipad to add their recording. Recordings have a url that can be shared or embedded in web sites Free  Yes
Flashcardlet 6-8 Allows students to practice various sets of vocabulary. Good resource for review – works well in any language room. Free Yes
 Kids Learn Sight Words 1-100  K-2    Kids can practice reading sight words with a variety of games    Free  Yes
 Reading Magic  K-2  Work on blending, segmenting, and reading multiple syllable words with real photographs  Free  Yes
Toy Story 3 K-2 Write your story with provided backgrounds and objects. Very hard to save and manuever through the pages, but the concept is good. Free No
AirServer All With the same functionality as Reflector, this is an essential program for displaying your iPad screen to the class. Seems to be reliable that Reflector in schools with less robust wireless networks $11.99 Yes