Apps for Primary Math

Here are some apps that I’ve found for primary kids in the mathematics classroom

Math Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction for Kindergarten and First Grade-These problems go up to 20

Equal Cards- Works on Missing Addends which is huge in 2nd Grade Common Core State Standards

Graph Cubes-Great for making your own kid-friendly bar graphs and surveys

Interactive Telling Time-Learning to Tell Time is fun- Great app with a variety of levels and different games

Count Money- Great basic game to make different amounts of money.

Apps Used at Lynch

We have used Schoology, Quizlet, CNN student, Evernote, and Google Drive most frequently.

Schoology has helped us organize assignments and monitor reading comprehension.

Quizlet is a great way to use match it and fill in the blank with vocabulary. I have students practice learning new words with flashcards and getting instant feedback using multiple choice questions.

Evernote has allowed us to capture student fluency as it changes over time.

Google Drive has a link to share documents and links with Schoology. This has allowed us to quickly and easily share documents and see one another’s lessons and resources we find or develop.

Making progress

With issues for actually being able to use the iPad as a full class tool (spotty wireless, weird stuff with projector, etc.), I have been able to show students some cool apps & get them using this tool. I see great value with Educreations. Kids will really be able to practice speaking, while demonstrating their knowledge/growth as they explain various elements of what we’re working on in class. Luckily, Steve is trying to help me figure out some solutions to the wireless issues, so I expect things to vastly improve–eventually, all kids will be able to use the iPad & see/learn each other’s work!

Great Tool!

This has been a roller coaster of fun.  So far I have used the iPad to capture student work as I travel around the classroom in science.  I have been using Evernote to check on reading fluency by capturing their voices on a picture of the passage.  I am also grabbing resources and posting them into my Google Drive and Schoology, which links up nicely when you tap the screen and it asks what program you would like to “open in”.  

I have noticed that there is an air print option which does not work to print since we do not have wireless printers. However, I installed an HP connector App and it still does not recognize our network printers. I would love to figure out a way to print from the i Pad. I also noticed that the extended display does not work with Splashtop because it only shows what is on the desk top in Splashtop. I have had a lot of fun getting used to working with the iPad.

Slow Start…but enjoying this new classroom tool

As a guy a new tool/toy is just that, a new tool/toy and this iPad is no different.  I have put it right to use and it has been fun!  So far the ClassDojo app has received the most use and it has had a positive impact on classroom management.  Whenever I have the iPad in my hand students are listening for “positive” alerts or the “not so positive” alerts.  The reflector has been great for sharing stories in iBooks or even for using the iPad camera, I tried this on the spur of the moment it was an instant teacher cam, pretty cool.  I finally used the Splashtop Whiteboard app this afternoon, and once I become more familiar with the functions I can tell already this will be a powerful tool.  Thank you to my teaching partner for suggesting we “go for it” on applying for this grant!

Rough start…new week ahead!

So…last week was a rough week.  I wasn’t there for most of it due to a dental emergency. I had a few chances to use reflector and like the opportunities it presents.  I am looking forward to delving into the uses for the ipad in my classroom this week and weekend.  I found reflector and educreations easy to use and have the ipad high on my to do list!

iPads with primary students

When I brought the iPad back to my 2nd graders this week, it was like we had won the lottery!  We were all so excited.  I had taken some pictures of kids’ base 10 numbers and blocks, put them into the Educreations app, and showed them how to represent their numbers and blocks using expanded form.  The students were so engaged, watching their own projects end up on the screen (using the reflector app) and seeing how to write and edit on top of them!  I’m ready to let the kids actually touch and use it themselves, but am in the process of finding/creating iPad rules to keep it safe, yet in the hands of 6 year olds.

Thoughts as we begin…

Together we have a unique opportunity to explore the iPad as a classroom tool. We all have differing experiences as teachers, different perspectives, varied experience with iPads, and even different levels of comfort with using technology in the classroom. That’s Great!  We all have something unique to offer as we team together, helping each other toward our goal of innovative and technology rich teaching and learning.

What’s foremost on you mind as we begin?  Create a new post with your thoughts, concerns, expectations, hopes, or dreams. An be sure to reply to others posts too!