Making progress

With issues for actually being able to use the iPad as a full class tool (spotty wireless, weird stuff with projector, etc.), I have been able to show students some cool apps & get them using this tool. I see great value with Educreations. Kids will really be able to practice speaking, while demonstrating their knowledge/growth as they explain various elements of what we’re working on in class. Luckily, Steve is trying to help me figure out some solutions to the wireless issues, so I expect things to vastly improve–eventually, all kids will be able to use the iPad & see/learn each other’s work!

2 thoughts on “Making progress

  1. Yes, the wireless seems to need to be a bit more robust in order for the iPad to display video, using Reflector on the computer. The video is OK on the iPad, yet stops and starts on the computer display. We’ll try a new video card on the computer in an attempt to speed things up.
    It’s great seeing you try a variety of strategies using the iPad, exploring possibilities with the kids!

  2. Thanks, Steve. I will look forward to the video card, maybe at our meeting next week?
    I continue to have students try various ways of using the iPad. My personal favorite is with the Educations app–this is a really helpful tool & kids seem to enjoy using it, too.

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