Great Tool!

This has been a roller coaster of fun.  So far I have used the iPad to capture student work as I travel around the classroom in science.  I have been using Evernote to check on reading fluency by capturing their voices on a picture of the passage.  I am also grabbing resources and posting them into my Google Drive and Schoology, which links up nicely when you tap the screen and it asks what program you would like to “open in”.  

I have noticed that there is an air print option which does not work to print since we do not have wireless printers. However, I installed an HP connector App and it still does not recognize our network printers. I would love to figure out a way to print from the i Pad. I also noticed that the extended display does not work with Splashtop because it only shows what is on the desk top in Splashtop. I have had a lot of fun getting used to working with the iPad.

One thought on “Great Tool!

  1. I stopped by Alan’s room today and we tried working on the printing. There’s a possibility we can get it working via HP’s ePrint service, we just need to check in with the tech dept about some network settings.
    Alan has a HP printer in his room that is ePrint ready (but not wireless) on which we hope to make this happen. Most printers in our schools are probably not ePrint ready, yet if you know one is we can look at how to get this to work for you.

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