Slow Start…but enjoying this new classroom tool

As a guy a new tool/toy is just that, a new tool/toy and this iPad is no different.  I have put it right to use and it has been fun!  So far the ClassDojo app has received the most use and it has had a positive impact on classroom management.  Whenever I have the iPad in my hand students are listening for “positive” alerts or the “not so positive” alerts.  The reflector has been great for sharing stories in iBooks or even for using the iPad camera, I tried this on the spur of the moment it was an instant teacher cam, pretty cool.  I finally used the Splashtop Whiteboard app this afternoon, and once I become more familiar with the functions I can tell already this will be a powerful tool.  Thank you to my teaching partner for suggesting we “go for it” on applying for this grant!

2 thoughts on “Slow Start…but enjoying this new classroom tool

  1. Nice to see you investigating a variety of ways to use the iPad Grant. It’s always interesting to me that peoples first take on the iPad is to have students use apps for drill and practice, yet using it to teach – or for kids to demonstrate their understanding – is equally if not more effective.

  2. I would to find a way to access my document camera from my iPad, but for now I am using reflector and my iPad camera for snapshots of student’s work. This has been quicker than the doc cam and I can display more work for discussion.

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