Rough start…new week ahead!

So…last week was a rough week.  I wasn’t there for most of it due to a dental emergency. I had a few chances to use reflector and like the opportunities it presents.  I am looking forward to delving into the uses for the ipad in my classroom this week and weekend.  I found reflector and educreations easy to use and have the ipad high on my to do list!

3 thoughts on “Rough start…new week ahead!

  1. What I observed in the classroom this week was a very seamless use of Splashtop Whiteboard to show math concepts. Kids were attentive and vied for their chance to use the iPad to show their solution to the problem!

  2. I was wondering what whiteboard app you are using when you don’t want to actaully record the lesson. On of your kiddos said you had a regular whiteboard app or something…

  3. If I understand your question Erin, it’s Educreations or ShowMe that are the simple whiteboard apps. Both record your voice if you wish, yet you don’t have to.
    ShowMe – you can close it without recording, yet need to record, even one second of silence, in order to save it. Saving isn’t important unless you want to share it with kids.
    Educreations – the same with this app, yet if you don’t save with a even a second of blank reccording, it won’t allow you to close the file without loosing it…

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