iPads with primary students

When I brought the iPad back to my 2nd graders this week, it was like we had won the lottery!  We were all so excited.  I had taken some pictures of kids’ base 10 numbers and blocks, put them into the Educreations app, and showed them how to represent their numbers and blocks using expanded form.  The students were so engaged, watching their own projects end up on the screen (using the reflector app) and seeing how to write and edit on top of them!  I’m ready to let the kids actually touch and use it themselves, but am in the process of finding/creating iPad rules to keep it safe, yet in the hands of 6 year olds.

2 thoughts on “iPads with primary students

  1. My fourth grade students love each new app I try out on them…even if it does not always work in their favor, like ClassDojo. I am going slow, that way the newness will last 🙂

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